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it's not ALL about meBUT...

When you're a boy growing grow up in Manchester with big dreams the general thinking is "let's 'ave it" (or for the rest of the world... "go get it lad!!") 


With the best woman supporting my every move (mum), the future looked bright. You're listening to the boy that thought, whilst searching through my Grandma's spice cupboard in the same style Columbus discovered the world, that even packet sauce could do with a touch more or less seasoning - from that moment my journey had started!

Now fast forward to the present and I'm living in London with my beautiful wife, rocking the city and working as Head Chef at the most incredible food hub I could dream of.

I live, breathe, talk, travel, discover, share and celebrate everything FOOD and the dream now is to share and inspire as many souls with my craft as possible...

Big Love 

R x

PS. I'll leave you with this thought...

“One of the very nicest things about life is the way we must regularly stop whatever it is we are doing and devote our attention to eating.” - Luciano Pavarotti

The Experience...
  • Cordon Bleu trained graduate (recognised worldwide)

  • worked for Gordon Ramsay (Chef de Partie)

  • Jamie Oliver's 'Fifteen' London (Jnr Sous Chef)

  • The Ritchie Family (Private Head Chef)

  • Alison Price & Co (Head Chef - Present)

The Best Bits...
  • MasterChef UK Series 2 Semi-Finalist 2008

  • Winner of "Young Chef of the Year" award, Gastronomy by the Seine, Paris 2008

  • Cooking for some of my favourite celebrities and chefs, members of the royal family and leading political figures worldwide

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